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Prayer Day

MidWeek Church prayer1

At the start of the New Year, I am asking everyone to pray for the life of our church. Church will be open on Sat 26th Jan from 11am to 6pm for you to come and pray by yourself. There will be displays to guide you in your prayers, and you can come and go as you wish during the day. At 5pm, we will gather to pray corporately for an hour, meeting in the chancel. So, please make it a priority to come to church at least once this day, to add your prayers and your faith to the offering we will bring to our God at that start of 2019.



Knit & Natter

Wednesday 6th February

1.00pm - 3.00pm


Please feel free to join us! Bring your craft with you (it doesn’t have to be knitting) and enjoy being creative whilst chatting with friends. It’ll be in the church hall, with tea and coffee provided, and all for FREE!


Unfortunately this is not suitable for young children.