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A church’s values flow through everything a church does. They affect its churchmanship, its style of worship and its priorities. Our church logo serves as a reminder of what we especially value here at St. John’s.
















The Pentagon stands for The Purposes of God the Father – the purposes expressed in the Bible.


We are a Bible-believing church and the authority of the Scriptures is very important to us. We use a pentagon to represent this value because it’s helpful to summarise everything the Bible tells us to do under five headings: worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission.



The Cross stands for The Provision of God the Son – all that God has done for us through Jesus.


Our faith is Christ-centred and whether we worship God using traditional or contemporary styles we do it because of Jesus and through Jesus. His life, death and resurrection are for us the revelation of God and the means of living in relationship with God.



The Presence of God the Holy Spirit – we believe that God is really among us.


We are learning to use spiritual gifts, to be guided by him in prayer, to pray for the sick and to be empowered for mission. We want to rely on God in all that we do and we want to increasingly experience more of his presence and power among us.



These three values are non-negotiable. Whatever we do, we want to be an Anglican church that is:


Bible-believing, Christ-centred and Spirit-filled.



Want to know more about the kind of church we are? Take a look at our vision and focus statements.

Our Values


Barcroft Grove, Yeadon,

Leeds, LS19 7XZ


Telephone: 0113 2501764



Charity Number: 1168480

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