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At St. John's, we want to encourage everyone to see themselves on a journey of Christian growth.


It begins with exploring faith and coming into a personal relationship with God. But it doesn’t end there. We need to become part of a church and to develop skills that help us apply our faith in daily life. Then we can start to discover how God wants us to serve him in the church, the community and the wider world. Being a Christian is a truly fulfilling and life-changing experience.


To help us all to keep on growing we are developing at St. John’s a series of courses - the five ‘M’s.  














Each course is suitable for people at all stages of their faith, though we recommend that you do them in order (stages 1-5), They are all informal in style, designed to be entertaining as well as thought-provoking, and they are all free.



Meeting God Course


Our stage 1 course is used all over the world to help people explore faith and begin a relationship with God. It is

called  Alpha and we run it here on a regular basis. It consists of 10 sessions and includes a combination of a meal,

a theme talk and discussion groups. It is suitable for those who are investigating the Christian faith, those who

are new to church and those looking for spiritual renewal. See the Alpha page for more details.



Membership Course


Our Discovering Church Membership course will help you understand the values, vision and purposes of

St. John’s. You will learn how we can help you in your Christian life and how you can get more involved

in the church. It is a short 2 hour course and is a combination of teaching and discussion.



Maturity Course


Our third stage course is called Discovering Spiritual Maturity. It consists of two 2-hour sessions, run

on a Saturday or two mid-week evenings. It covers four key skills essential to growing as a Christian: 


  • feeding on the word of God, the Bible

  • going deeper in prayer

  • honouring God with your wealth

  • maintaining healthy relationships


The format is a mixture of teaching, discussion and practical exercises that will build on what is covered on the Alpha Course.

Christian Growth Courses 1

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