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Healing Testimonies

At St John's there is plenty of opportunity to come forward for healing prayer.  


Here are some of the testimonies from our own congregation of people who have had a positive

outcome when they have been prayed for.


* after  prayer for a difficult situation at work, this person experienced peace and a new perspective.


* prayer for a persistent cough and a painful hip  resulted in a sense of encouragement and peace.

   Their condition was initially worse, but has now clearly improved.


* someone received prayer for stress and states that everything has been lifted and she feels

   100% better.


* during prayer for her left leg this person felt tingling in her knee and says she is now 100% better.


                                                      * after prayer someone is still unwell, but feels that a weight has been lifted from her

                                                         shoulders and is emotionally stronger.


                                                      * somebody received prayer for a numbness in her arm and felt tingling in her hands. As a

                                                         result her condition is 40% improved.


                                                      * after prayer this person felt a real calmness and peace which was beautiful and lasted for

                                                        most of the week.


                                                      * someone with an 18 year shoulder injury felt an immediate improvement after prayer but the

                                                         pain returned later. Later that week he felt a  crunch in his shoulder and almost all  the pain

   went. He enjoyed the first full night’s sleep in a long time and has now just a very low level of pain as a result.


* prayer resulted in a sense of desperation in life being removed and this person feeling

   much better.


* someone received prayed about a long standing issue and now feels a real sense of

   forgiveness, cleansing and peace.


* there was prayer for back pain which resulted in an immediate and significant  



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