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A Guide to Weddings at St John's

If you are thinking of getting married in a church, then you've probably got lots of

questions.  Below is a quick guide to getting married at St John's Church.


Why get married in Church?

A marriage service, wherever it is held, is a public declaration of love and commitment

to your partner. If you choose to get married in church, there is an added dimension - the

assurance that God cares about your relationship and that his resources and strength are

available to you. That doesn’t mean that you will avoid completely the usual ups and downs

of married life, but you will know that you can look to God for help and guidance and that

his love will sustain you. You will also have the support of your Church Family.


Can I get married at St John's?

You are entitled to be married at St John’s if either of you: 


                                                            For more exact details of these rules please speak to Richard, our vicar. If none of the              

                                                             rules apply in your case, then you may still be married here by attending some of our

                                                             church services for six months, which then allows you to go on the electoral roll.


                                                             We really do want to say ‘yes’ to you!


                                                            I'm not baptised. I don’t go to church.    

                                                       Can I still get married in this church?

                                                             Yes! If any of the above rules apply in your case then you may be married here.




What if one of us is divorced?

The Church of England teaches that marriage is for life. It also recognises that sadly some marriages do fail and if this should happen it seeks to be available for all involved. The Church accepts that it is possible in some circumstances for a divorced person to marry again in church during the lifetime of a former spouse. However, this is not always the case, so before you set a date please contact the vicar to talk this through. He will want to meet you both, before deciding whether a marriage in church is appropriate in your circumstances.


Can we renew our vows?

Yes! We offer a Thanksgiving of Marriage service, which may be used when renewing marriage vows, celebrating a special anniversary or after a period of difficulty or separation in marriage. You will need to speak to the vicar for the exact details but there are no legal requirements or set fees for this service.


Why get married at St John's?

We are a wonderful venue for your big day: 

  • lives in the parish of Yeadon

  • is on the church electoral membership roll

  • has a special connection to the parish - e.g. through a close family connection.

  • a beautiful building that will comfortably seat about 140 guests.

  • a light interior ideal for indoor photographs

  • attractive grounds outside that are great for those large family shots.

  • car parking at both ends of the church

  • good facilities for those with disabilities

  • an excellent sound system.


You are welcome to visit the church if you wish take a look before deciding to be married here. There are also some great pictures on our website.


How much will it cost?

The price for a wedding at St. John’s in 2022 will be about £617 This includes legal fees, publication of banns,  an organist, a verger and various administration and utility costs. You’ll find this compares favourably with weddings in other locations and will probably be one of the lowest bills out of all the wedding expenses!


Where do we begin?

Before booking anything, please contact the vicar, Richard Walker, on 0113 2502272 to discuss possible dates.

We’ll be glad to hear from you!

jenny & Matt in church doorway
Jenny & Glyn
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