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Our Vision

Let's consider each of these five words in turn



Relevant - in our worship of God

We want church to make sense to everyone, whatever their age or background: young and old, singles and families, the troubled and the contented, those who are used to church and those who aren't. Therefore, we offer a variety of contemporary and traditional forms of worship services, events, small groups and ministries. Something for everyone, so that all may find faith.


Loving - in our fellowship with one another

We want church to be a wonderful, affirming experience for all: a place

where people find encouragement, friendship and practical support;

where all are welcome whatever their life circumstances and where

everyone is learning to grow in love for others in the church family.


Vibrant - in our discipleship in Christ

We are disciples of Jesus Christ and our aim is to become more like him,

by following the teaching of the Bible and experiencing the presence of

his Spirit in our lives. As this happens we grow in wholeness and holiness

and church becomes a dynamic and life-changing place.


Empowering - in our ministry in the Holy Spirit

We want to help everyone to discover their God-given natural abilities and to be released in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we all exercise our ministry in the church, we enjoy the privilege of serving others and the whole body is built up.


Growing - through mission to others

We believe the good news of Jesus is so important and so wonderful that we want others to believe it too. Therefore we seek to reach out in love to those outside the church, expressing God's reality in word and deed. As we do this, the church grows both spiritually and numerically.


Our vision statement describes the kind of Church we aim to be. Have a look at our focus statement to discover how that works out in practice.

St. John the Evangelist, Yeadon is part of the Church of England, within the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. We are also part of Aireborough Churches Together. But churches come in all shapes and sizes, so what kind of church are we seeking to be?   


Our vision is to be a church that is:

  • relevant  

  • loving 

  • vibrant 

  • empowering 

  • and growing! 

Barcroft Grove, Yeadon,

Leeds, LS19 7XZ


Telephone: 0113 2501764



Charity Number: 1168480

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